“Daguerreotypes concerns the inhabitants of a street in an old part of Paris, an area which teems with small shops and businesses. Ms. Varda's camera gently explores the daily routine of some of the people who live and trade between nos. 70-90 Rue Daguerre. The butcher, the baker, the old couple who run a perfumery, the laundress and others describe their lives, their hopes and fears, their opinions of each other, by speaking directly into the camera.... (It is outstanding for the) faultless sense of composition, the editing techniques she employed and the skillful and unobtrusive way in which she was able to reveal the inner qualities of these ordinary Parisians. Perhaps the most important quality of the film is the fact that Varda makes you care about the people involved and makes you want to know more about them. The film is also a striking sociological record of a way and quality of life which is rapidly and regretfully disappearing, as the town planners and speculative property developers change the Paris that once we knew.”

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