“A penny for your thoughts” got you nothing from Wild Man Fischer. It cost a dime, and his thoughts came in the form of a yelping, crazy song. Living on the streets of late-sixties L.A., veteran of several Bedlams, the Wild Man was discovered by a motherly Frank Zappa, who set about recording his newfound Fischer King. Soon he was an underground rage-the schizo with a microphone, bellowing out such nutty nuggets as “Why I Am Normal” and “Which Way Did the Freaks Go?” But it wasn't just a glorious demimonde filled with devotees-the Wild Man had his demons. With archival footage from Fischer's early days, including his TV and club performances, Rubin's riveting Derailroaded traces the artist's track from bruised child to limelight loony. Various friends and faux, such as Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, and Dr. Demento, recall the crazy ride that knocked the Wild Man from his train.

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