Demirkubuz's most recent film studies the parallel emotional obsessions of two characters we already know from Innocence (1997). In this prequel to the earlier film, Bekir, a relatively modest carpet salesman, develops an uncontrollable passion for nightclub entertainer Ugur. For her part, Ugur is obsessed with Zagor, a ne'er-do-well constantly in and out of prison. When Zagor receives a stiff sentence for his involvement in the murder of two policemen, Bekir is hopeful that his rival's imprisonment will open up a possibility for him with Ugur. While many of his films deal with moral issues, Demirkubuz never sets himself up as arbiter of his characters' actions, preferring instead to show how each character has his reasons for doing what he does. Here, Demirkubuz treats the twin obsessions of Bekir and Ugur with respect. They might be self-destructive or even delusional, but there's a kind of innocence to their passion. Demirkubuz was awarded the Best Director prize for Destiny at the 2006 Istanbul Film Festival.

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