The Devil Is Driving and Captain Celluloid vs. the Film Pirates: Chapters 1 and 2

Captain Celluloid vs. the Film Pirates
This witty and thoroughly delightful serial is a film buff's paradise, with chapters like “Nitrate Fury” that end in cliff-hangers. Based on an idea by William K. Everson, who also acts in the film, the story follows the evil doings of the Master Duper and his nefarious middle-woman, Satanya, who invents elaborate tricks of the film pirate's trade in exchange for films on devilish subjects. In Chapter 1, a complete copy of Greed disappears from a film archive's possession; as only they knew of its whereabouts, it appears that one of their own is a pirate of the high screens. Captain Celluloid vs. the Film Pirates is presented in four chapters this month (see August 8 and 10), to be continued in January when William K. Everson mysteriously returns.

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