The Dilexi Series: Music with Balls, Burnt Weenie Sandwich, What Do You Talk About, and Conversations in Vermont

Admission $2.50

This afternoon's program features Music with Balls by Terry Riley and Arlo Acton, Burnt Weenie Sandwich by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, excerpts from What Do You Talk About by Robert Nelson with Bill Wiley and Lew Welch, and Conversations in Vermont by Robert Frank. The Dilexi Series, originally broadcast over KQED in San Francisco in 1969 and 1970, represents one of the first efforts to present works created by artists specifically for television. The 12-part weekly series was conceived and funded by Jim Newman and the Dilexi Foundation and produced for KQED by John Coney. This series, of great historical and aesthetic value, has not been screened since the broadcasts of more than 12 years ago. With the generous assistance of Positive Video of Orinda and One Pass Video of San Francisco, selections from the Dilexi have now been transferred to 3/4” videotape and are available for viewing. A program of the complete series with explanatory notes will be available at the screening.

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