• David Evan Harris

  • Daniel Chein

  • Benn Meyers (Shishin Junsei)

  • Naomi Ture

Discussion: The Global Lives Project

The Global Lives Project is a collaborative film production and exhibition program intended to build a video library of life experience. In this event, Global Lives founder David Evan Harris, filmmakers Naomi Ture and Daniel Chein, and globallives.org webmaster Benn “Shishin Junsei” Meyers present clips and offer their perspectives on the project. A Q&A session and refreshments follow.

David Evan Harris, chancellor’s public scholar at UC Berkeley and research director at the Institute for the Future, founded the Global Lives Project in 2004. His work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, United Nations University, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and dozens of other venues around the world. Harris’s research and teaching focus on topics including art, activism, inequality, and media.

Naomi Ture is a filmmaker, creative director, and media producer who seeks to empower global connections. She has created film and media projects for Warner Brothers, NBC, Global Lives Project, the Exploratorium, and numerous tech and mission-driven organizations.

Daniel Chein is an Oakland-based filmmaker and a recipient of the Princess Grace Film Award. His most recent film, Basha Man, won the Student Film Award at CAAMFest2017. Daniel is an associate producer at Walking Iris Media, and is currently completing his MFA in cinema at San Francisco State University.

Shishin Junsei, né Benjamin Meyers, has been a web developer since 2005, and has been focusing recently on empathetic endeavors both in his work online and as a Buddhist priest.