Dishonoured Lady

Like The Strange Woman (1946), Dishonoured Lady was an independent production financed by Hedy Lamarr herself, in the hopes that outside the main studio gates a film could be put together around her that would exploit both her acting talent and her beauty. Our recent revival of The Strange Woman proved the film to be a near-masterpiece. We are hoping Dishonoured Lady will prove as exciting a rediscovery. It was just shown in London, at the National Film Theater, where one critic noted:

“A woman attempts to abandon her life as a rich socialite by living as an artist in a less salubrious neighbourhood. Just as she settles down with a new lover her previous one reappears and is later found murdered. By combining the heroine's frequent visits to a psychiatrist and her attempts to forge a new identity, Stevenson creates an agreeable atmosphere of mystery, aided by Hedy Lamarr's glamorous performance.”

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