Do Over

Immediately thrusting its audience into a film within a film, Cheng Yu-Chieh's stylish debut feature effortlessly blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. Set over the course of New Year's Eve and Day, Do Over tracks five characters caught in a stalemate between their desires and their choices. Pang is a film production assistant whose lack of self-confidence prevents him from reaching out to the beautiful lead actress. Desperate to visit his ailing father in his home country, Ding-An, an illegal immigrant in Taiwan, will stop at nothing to get his long-overdue identification card. After an intense drug binge, Rat wakes up in a strange hospital, unsure how he got there. Two brothers, one a crime boss and the other a young movie director, remain separated by a violent secret. Set in a hip, ultra-modern Taipei milieu, Do Over creates a world rich in visual styles and possibilities, leaping from past to present to future, surreal to real.

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