Dr. No

The first film in the Bond franchise, Dr. No stars thirty-two-year-old Sean Connery as the very model of the suave secret agent who gave new meaning to the term “undercover.” Double agents, double entendres, double martinis-being a spy had to be the preferred livelihood for a generation of swingin' bachelors. Upon his arrival in Jamaica, balmy land of cabanas and umbrellaed cocktails, Bond tracks the presence of weird energy waves to the reclusive Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman), a squinty-eyed evil scientist with bad wardrobe sense. Bond relies on a panoply of high-tech gizmos, hair-trigger wit, and seductive charm to save the world from a plot too wicked to recount. For this initial Bond vivant, everything is already in place-Maurice Binder's signature credits, the staccato melody of John Barry's “Bond theme,” and Ursula Andress's bikini-well, that's barely in place.

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