Dennis Potter invented an imaginary journey back to a past never truly understood in the beguiling Dreamchild. An eighty-year-old Englishwoman arrives in New York to receive an honorary degree from Columbia University on the occasion of Lewis Carroll's centenary. This feisty, somewhat bewildered woman is none other than Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the inspiration behind Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Harried by all the attention of bustling New York, the elder Alice (Coral Browne in a stunning performance) is drawn back to her memories of the Reverend Charles Dodgson (the true Lewis Carroll). These idylls are interspersed with dream sequences and re-enactments of Wonderland with the Gryphon, the Mock Turtle, the March Hare, and a particularly scornful Mad Hatter. As the past looms larger, Alice begins to undertand the nature of Dodgson's attachment to her and how an unlikely love was transformed into a lasting work of art.

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