Early Films by Abel Gance

35mm Restored Prints! 
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The comparison between The Madness of Doctor Tube (in which the French government solicits a scientist to invent toxic substances to be used against the enemy at the beginning of WWI) and The Deadly Gases, a drama concerning the deadly threat of poison gases, enables us to appreciate the coherency of a poetic vision born in the cruel matrix of the Great War. These two dramas, dissimilar in their construction and tone, are in fact closely akin, centered on the figure of two mad inventors, whose research results in the original mastery of light phenomena, or the very matter of cinema, a prodigious tool for extricating, revealing or transcending the visible. 

—Elodie Tamayo, La Cinémathèque française

The Madness of Doctor Tube (La folie du docteur Tube) 1915, Written By Gance, Photographed By Leonce-Henri Burel, With Albert Dieudonne, 14 Mins, Silent With French Intertitles And Simultaneous English Translation, B&W, 35m@20fps, From Cinémathèque Française

The Deadly Gases (Les gaz mortels) 1916, Written by Gance, Photographed by Léonce-Henri Burel, With Léon Mathot, Emile Keppens, Doriani, Maillard, 69 mins, French intertitles with simultaneous English translation, B&W, 35mm@18fps, From La Cinémathèque française