Super Sensurround Simulation by Meyer Sound!

Are you ready to rumble? With Earthquake, Hollywood really hit bottom-bottom end, that is. This is the first and still greatest of the Sensurround spectacles, special prints aided by a gizmo that filled the theater with waves of bodacious bass. In this box-office toppler, a massive temblor devastates the City of Angels, interrupting the soap-like suffering of several Angelenos. They include Charlton Heston as an adulterous engineer who chooses the well-constructed Geneviève Bujold over the metal fatigue of Ava Gardner, and George Kennedy, a rogue cop hunting down the evangelical likes of Marjoe Gortner, a store manager bent on wholesale lunacy. Nothing is safe from Sensurround, not the disc-like Capitol Records building that shakes, rattles, and rolls, nor the executive-filled tower at Universal Studios that warps like a cheap mirror trick. An unproduced sequel to Earthquake had the survivors of this L.A. Basin bash relocating to San Francisco. On a Richter scale of bad decisions, that one was a 7.4.

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