El Salvador: Revolution or Death plus Nicaragua 1979--Scenes From The Revolution

“El Salvador: Revolution Or Death is, without a doubt, the most important, gut-wrenching political documentary made since The Battle Of Chile hit the screen a few years ago. Skillfully combining dramatic footage of the recent upheavals in El Salvador with unusual animation sequences, prize-winning Dutch filmmaker Frank Diamand (Nicaragua: September 78, Nelson Mandela) weaves a powerful account of the economic and political forces trying to shape the destiny of this small but strategically located Central American country. Diamand's cameras record scenes of brutality, terror, confrontation and despair, especially when focusing on the inhuman tactics being used by the El Salvadorean armed forces in their attempt to curb massive demonstrations and political organizing. The film includes direct interviews with human rights activists, leaders of the ruling ‘junta,' survivors of ‘death squad' executions and a short but memorable piece with archbishop Carlos Romero shortly before his assassination. There is also astounding footage of the assault by paramilitary forces on archbishop Romero's funeral cortege. Overall, Revolution or Death imprints a sense of urgency and rage that makes it almost impossible to forget.” --Unifilm

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