The Elephant God

Tipu Purkayastha is a human resource director by day, father of two young children by evening, and an exhausted movie-watcher by night

(Joi Baba Felunath). Ray's detective Feluda, hero of an extremely popular series of pulp novels written by the director, returns in this follow-up to The Golden Fortress. Attempting to track down a missing statue of the elephant god Ganesh, our wry detective encounters body-builders, holy men, young children, and even a smuggling ring as he criss-crosses the holy city of Benares (Varanasi), with each meeting only opening up further mysteries. A further example of the great director's entertaining detours into that most unexpected of all genres, pulp fiction, The Elephant God can also be appreciated for its glimpses into the teeming bywaters and alleyways of Benares, one of the world's most atmospheric and fascinating cities. Similar to Graham Greene and Carol Reed's Vienna in The Third Man, the city is one where appearances are not what they seem, and where every shadow holds a different definition of light.

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