Employees' Entrance

This superb little film about machinations in a New York department store (comes close to capturing) real urban tensions....The key is Warren William's devastating characterization of the store's general manager, whose system shows not a trace of the smiling one-minute-manager: “My code is smash or be smashed.” William, always superb as a shyster professional...is here obsessive for success, dropping “deadwood” thirty-year employees without a moment's hesitation and vowing that his assistants not be distracted by women...“Sure I like 'em. In their place.” The undistinguished storyline includes some business about a hidden marriage and (thanks to pre–Code release) what we'd call on-the-job sexual harassment, but the script is invariably witty. In the context of Depression economics, Warren William's ruthless business sense is at least half-admirable, so don't hold your breath waiting for him to mellow.
—Scott Simmon, Mary Pickford Theater, Library of Congress

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