Escape in the Fog

“Escape in the Fog was Budd Boetticher's fourth film and demonstrates clearly the kind of taut, efficient visual storytelling completely absent from the screen today. Apart from a single scene (where the villains clumsily share a cab with the hero and heroine the better to keep track of them) the film is taut and tense throughout and completely without the usual padding. The dream which opens the film and is the portentous vision of things to come, clearly makes it a part of the fog-shrouded ‘B' Noir tradition - where a claustrophobic mood envelopes the forward drive of a quickly paced, expertly executed thriller. The film clearly projects the virtues of a direct confrontation with dubious subject matter - without a single concession to realism as we know it. It's a film of style, of convention - in a kind of misty dream world entirely due to the director's inventiveness and bears not the slightest relation to the actual city of San Francisco as we know it.”

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