Eternal Heart

Donald Sosin has been enthralling audiences with his silent film music for over thirty years. Among his many commissions for scores and film festival appearances, he performs each year at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival and is the pianist for the 2005 New York Film Festival's tribute to Shochiku.

Akira Tochigi and Fumiaki Itakura are curator of film and assistant curator of film, respectively, at the National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

(Fue no shiratama). Donald Richie wrote of this romantic melodrama, “The appearance of the film is so modernist that one wonders if the director had not viewed the décor for Marcel l'Herbier's L'Argent. In the Shimizu film, the cocktail lounge where two sisters disport themselves is all frosted glass and exposed structure; the dance hall is all spotlights and geometrical furniture.” Produced by the Shochiku studio in Kamata, Tokyo, Eternal Heart is an example of “Kamata Modernism,” a style “developed by absorbing the sophisticated and urban atmosphere of Tokyo in the era after the Great Kanto Earthquake. Shimizu was one of the key directors of ‘Kamata Modernism.' This marked the debut of the actress Michiko Oikawa, later an important talent, who was indispensable in Shimizu's urban films such as Japanese Girls at the Harbor (see December 4)” (Fumiko Tsuneishi, National Film Center, Tokyo/Pordenone Silent Film Festival 2005).

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