Ethan Mao

Quentin Lee's features (Shopping for Fangs, Drift) have focused on everything from confused identities to obsessive passion. With Ethan Mao, he turns his focus to family and tears down the facade of suburban normalcy. After his homophobic father throws him out of the house, the teenage Ethan becomes a hustler, turning tricks to survive. His only friend/mentor is the street-smart Remigio. When the two unexpectedly meet Ethan's family, they dramatically confront not only the rage and resentment of the parents, but their feelings for one another. Unlike more polite or comedic family melodramas, Ethan Mao pulls few punches. First-time feature actors Jun Hee Lee (Ethan) and Jerry Hernandez (Remigio) turn in impressive performances, playing their respective characters with humanity and charm. Along with the rest of the cast, they make Ethan Mao a powerful meditation on pain, fear, and love that touches both gut and heart.

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