Everything's Cool

Activist filmmakers Daniel Gold and Judith Helfand weave unforgettable characters and climatic clamor into a “toxic comedy” about global warming in this follow-up to their HRWIFF 2003 hit Blue Vinyl. Traveling from the mountains of Utah, where a snow groomer converts a ski resort's vehicles to biodiesel, back East to the cluttered office of journalist Ross “Columbo of Climate Change” Gelbspan, who keeps trying (and failing) to retire; to a set where climatologist Dr. Heidi Cullen distills science into a tight Weather Channel soundbite, and to many points in between, we discover that nothing's cool at all. The inconvenient truth is that like-minded environmental messengers have only recently managed to organize a coherent battle against petro-funded naysayers and “fair and balanced” media spin. This irreverent and ebullient doc, punctuated with animated interludes by Jeremiah Dickey and Emily Hubley, encourages us all to continue the fight.

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