Extraordinary Stories

A delightful animation of the Nutshell Library's moral tale of a careless young boy.

• Directed by Maurice Sendak. (1976, 6 mins, song, color, Print courtesy of Western Woods Studios)

Hansel and Gretel, An Appalachian Version
A gripping live action version of the traditional Grimm Brothers' folktale.

• Directed by Tom Davenport. (1975, 16 mins, color, Print courtesy of Tom Davenport Films)

Kuumba: Simon's New Sound
A colorfully animated tale from Trinidad about the origin of the steel drum. Cut-out animation.

• Directed by Bob Bloomberg and Jane Aaron. (1978, 8 mins, color, Print courtesy of Beacon Films)

Cecily uses a handicap to good advantage in this uniquely animated runaway fantasy. Cut-out animation.

• (Czechoslovakia, 1973, 7 mins, color, Print courtesy Learning Corporation of America)

Le Poulet
A young child's ingenious efforts to save a chicken - warmly captured in this charming French farce.

• Directed by Claude Berri. (France, 1963, 15 mins, English titles, Print courtesy of Films Inc.)

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