The Eyes Scream: A History of The Residents

Plus Ralph Records films from the PFA Collection In the mid-seventies when Peter Frampton and Donna Summers produced their brand of blow-dry Pop music, The Residents were pulling American culture out by the roots. Based in San Francisco, this enigmatic band still continues to defy categorization. Post-modern in their hunger for the high and the low (culture, that is), they flabbergast all but the most adventurous critics. Known for their quirky eyeball costumes, The Residents have progressed from a minimalist band, shunning celebrity through a curious form of anonymity, to a full-blown multi-media extravaganza, adding mass to their appeal. The Eyes Scream, directed by John Sanborn, charts the rise of the obscure gadflies who made the delirious Third Reich 'N' Roll (1976) to their present mega-obscurity as the Kings of Cubism with Cube-E, their newest ocular treatise. Penn and Teller, who toured with The Residents in the early '80s, host this trip down memory lane with many a masterful stop-off, including "The Mole Show" and "The Thirteenth Anniversary Tour." There are also numerous excerpts from their pioneering video work, the latest being Don't Be Cruel from "The King and I" LP. Following The Eyes Scream will be a rare screening of Ralph Records videos, projected in their original 16mm film format. Now defunct, Ralph released The Residents, as well as several other off-center bands. Shown in their entirety will be films made for The Residents, Renaldo and the Loaf, Tuxedomoon and Snakefinger. --Steve Seid

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