A Fan's Note

This Canadian adaptation of Frederick Exley's celebrated novel is owned in this country by Warner Brothers, who have never released it. Hopefully, our special preview screening will reveal a film worthy of this critical entry in the “1973 International Film Guide”:
“Based on Frederick Exley's novel in which the narrative is sustained on a fragile thread of thoughts, fantasies, hopes and despairs, Eric Till has made an imaginative film on an extremely difficult cinematic subject. Ranging from comedy to sadness, black humour to madness, he tells of the unhappiness of a typical North American man who finds that nothing in life has any value. Wanting to be a leader, a hero, a creator, he must accept the fact that his abilities and intelligence will not permit him to be more than a participant and a spectator, in sports and in the arts. That he finally comes to terms with his own nature and recognises his limitations is his final victory. Jerry Orbach gives a funny and deeply-felt performance as the ‘fan,' the supporting cast is excellent, and Eric Till has cleverly combined disparate elements into a thoughtful symbolic study of today's dissatisfied society.”

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