“Take the ennui of Camus, the soul of Bresson and the unwavering gaze of Kiarostami, and you might get something like Zeki Demirkubuz's Fate” (The Guardian (U.K.)). The first film in Demirkubuz's “Tales of Darkness” trilogy was in fact inspired by Camus's The Stranger. Musa (Serdar Orçin) lives with his mother in a lower-class Istanbul neighborhood and works in a customs office. This taciturn, distanced man's standard reply to all questions-“I don't care, it's all equal to me”-reveals itself to be something more when applied equally to finding his mother dead in her bed, marrying a girl he barely knows, and being sentenced to life in prison for murders he did not commit. “Demirkubuz . . . presents Musa's absurd apathy not as an adopted behavior but as a . . . radical choice about life. Musa is a silent spokesman interrogating the hypocrisy of values, vice, guilt, and . . . morality” (Övül Durmusoglu, Altyazi).

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