Feel My Pulse & Love 'Em and Leave 'Em

Feel My Pulse
is one of the few silent comedies by Gregory La Cava which is available today. La Cava's sound comedies - Stage Door, Fifth Avenue Girl, She Married Her Boss, My Man Godfrey - establish him as one of the masters of sophisticated screwball farce. Andrew Sarris asserts that La Cava's films “reveal a flair for improvisation and a delicate touch for expert comediennes.” Feel My Pulse does indeed reveal Bebe Daniels as a great comedienne, playing a much-pampered heiress who suddenly finds herself taken over by a gang of bootleggers. Black jokes about pills and excessive drinking abound, with Bebe sorting out both inmates and crooks in a series of lively gags, notably in a scene where she releases the ether and La Cava goes into a comic and innovative slow-motion sequence which shows his cartoon training.

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