Feminine vs. Masculine

Set deep in the old Medina, a historic quarter of Casablanca, Dalila Ennadre's El Batalett, Women from the Medina is a portrait of a group of women who have lived there since childhood. Amid laughter and tears, the director shared their daily lives for several months, at the hammam, in their homes, and in the streets of the old city. Through the viewpoints of these batalett-heroines-who daily improvise a small world of their own, we relive the historic highlights of Moroccan society today: the death of King Hassan II in August 1999, the women's march for their rights in March 2000, as well as the realities of immigration and the hardships of survival. A poetic elegy of the everyday, Hicham Falah's Balcon Atlantico films the boardwalk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in a small Moroccan seaport where people come to meet, dream, court, reflect, unburden themselves of life's worries, and bid farewell.

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