The Ferocious One (Lyuti)

Andron Mikhailkov-Konchalovsky's connection with the Soviet Asian Cinema - established in his first feature, The First Teacher - has continued to the present day. He has written several original screenplays for leading Asian directors, most notably The Seventh Bullet for the Uzbek filmmaker Ali Khamraev, and The Ferocious One for the Khirghiz artist Tolomush Okeyev. The Ferocious One deals with the story of an orphan boy who tries to domesticate a wolf cub. Filmed in Kazakhstan on stunning locations, the film is tough and unsentimental in its treatment of the problems of good and evil, reflected in the story of the wolf cub which grows up to become the “most ferocious one” in the pack. Featured at the Cannes, San Francisco and Los Angeles Festivals.

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