Figaro's Great Day (Figaro E La Sua Gran' Giornata)

“...Taken from a comedy by Arnaldo Fraccaroli called ‘Ostrega Che Sbrego,' (Figaro's Great Day) is laid in the Veneto of the nineteenth century, and Camerini, more than living up to the promise he had shown in Rotaie, showed his ability in pinning down the atmosphere and manners of an Italian province with sympathy and humour; the arrival at a little station in the Veneto of an almost Emett-like train which solemnly halts at a level-crossing to give precedence to a horse and cart, the whims of a baritone, the consequences of a singer's failure to turn up for a concert and a performance of Rossini's ‘Barber' are some of a number of episodes, all close to nineteenth century provincial life, which he created with nice invention, light touch and lively wit.”

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