Films of Chick Strand

Together with Bruce Baillie and Ernest Callenbach, Chick Strand was instrumental in launching the Bay Area's Canyon Cinema screening series, featuring new and old experimental films, cartoons, movie serials, and other programs designed both to be fun and to build an audience for avant-garde cinema. As a direct result, Strand began making films-her first, Eric and the Monsters, while still in the Bay Area, and the rest after relocating to Los Angeles. Strand, who died in 2009, worked intuitively, bringing an intimate, sensuous sensibility to her lyrical portraits of people and places. Her innovative oeuvre includes found-footage, ethnographic, and collage films. Tonight's program includes Strand's final completed film, Woman with Flowers, finished by her in 1995. Strand originally intended to have it printed with other works then in-progress, but the film was never released, as those other works remained unfinished.  In 2011, the postproduction of Woman with Flowers was completed by the Academy Film Archive. The film is completely Chick Strand's-no creative interpretation or intervention was necessary. 

Eric and the Monsters1964, 6 mins, B&W, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Angel Blue Sweet Wings 1966, 3 mins, Color, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Mosori Monika 1970, 20 mins, Color, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Kristallnacht 1979, 7 mins, B&W, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Fever Dream1979, 7 mins, B&W, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Cartoon le Mousse 1979, 15 mins, B&W, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Artificial Paradise1986, 12:30 mins, Color, 16mm, PFA Collection.

Señora Con Flores / Woman With Flowers 1995, 15 mins, Color, 16mm, Courtesy Academy Film Archive, with thanks to Mark Toscano.

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