Fire, Water, & U.F.O.'s

Colter's Hell
This arresting film takes a careful, quiet look at a natural phenomenon.

• Directed by Robin Lehman. (1973, 14 mins, color, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Phoenix Films)

What On Earth
A Martian newsreel reports about life on planet Earth.

• Directed by Les Drew and Kaj Pindal. (Canada, 1966, 10 mins, color/animation, Print courtesy of McGraw-Hill Films)

A man tries to catch the elusive creatures that are whispering in the dark. In effect, a nonverbal film.

• Directed by Dan Bailey. (1971, 6 mins, live action/animation, Print courtesy of Dan Bailey Films)

An impressionistic and visually stunning short - a marvel of impasto paint animation as well as an unusual ecology film.

• Directed by Witold Giersz. (Poland, 1975, 9 mins, color, Print courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corp.)

Hardware Wars
A zany spoof of a popular movie.

• Directed by Ernie Fosselius and Michael Weise. (1978, 13 mins, color/live action and object animation, Print courtesy of Pyramid Films)

A free-floating and colorful catalog of images drawn from popular and ancient cultures.

• Directed by Vincent Collins. (1976, 3 mins, color/animation, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Serious Business Company)

Entire program runs 55 minutes.

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