The Fire Within (Le Feu Follet)

“...Le Feu Follet holds many affinities to the latter days of Scott Fitzgerald, and the film is shot through with a languorous, insidious melancholy. Alain Leroy (Maurice Ronet) is resting in a sanitarium after a nervous breakdown. He is young and wealthy, and has decided to commit suicide. He travels to Paris to see his society acquaintances for the last time... but in none of them does he evoke the warmth or sympathy that might dissuade him from taking his life....

“Le Feu Follet is narrated with unerring control and sophistication.... Erik Satie's clear and piercing piano notes sustain the mood of solitude and stress the gulf that yawns between Alain and the suave, feckless inhabitants of the Boulevard Saint-Germain. Suicide suddenly seems inescapable. The pictures of Marilyn Monroe on the bedroom wall take on a quite unsensational logic.”

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