• Harold Edgerton: Gussie Moran, 1949; black-and-white photograph; 13 5/16 x 11 in.; BAMPFA, gift of Lewis Zachary Cohen.

Five Tables of Cal Scientists’ Takes on Art

Drop by our art study centers on Free First Thursday for an up-close look at treasures from the BAMPFA collections, laid out on the five tables in the seminar area. In conjunction with this year’s Bay Area Science Festival (October 26 through November 11), UC Berkeley scientists give us their take on a nonrandom selection of art from our collections. Works on view might include: Harold Edgerton’s multiflash image of a tennis serve; kites flying high over Mt. Fuji in Hokusai’s simultaneously soaring and gravity-bound ukiyo-e print; Richard Misrach’s long-exposure night view of the temple and star tracks at Sounion, Greece; glorious close-ups of flowers in photos by Papo Colo and Marion Brenner; nineteenth-century cabinet cards of Thomas Henry Huxley, “Darwin’s Bulldog,” and much more.