Fleshed Out: Films by UC Berkeley Students

“Look at all the things I've found,” an explorer breathlessly reports to her camera during First Sightings of the Ego Monster, one of twelve short films and videos made by UC Berkeley students that probe beneath the surface of everyday concerns. Crises of identity are explored in the spy spoof Kitty with a Mission, and in two documentaries: I'm In, a deconstruction of Bay Area hipster subcultures, and In His Blood, which follows a father-and-son team of late-night news reporters. The manipulation of magazine cutouts in girls and of Ghanaian movie posters in Liberty Eyes draws attention to popular culture's often insidious depictions of the body. Journeys toward self-discovery are illuminated in a childhood memory of an amusement park in Ferris Wheel on Fire, an isolated stop-action figure in The Flesh, and ruminations on a failed relationship in Their There. While hour) or a fis... challenges our perception of the human body, Tunnels and Texture tap into our pleasure at watching images play across a large screen.

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