Four Films On The Geringsing Textile of Bali

In connection with the current exhibition of Indonesian and Sarawak Textiles, on display in the University Art Museum's Gallery A and in the Lowie Museum of Anthropology in Kroeber Hall on campus, we present this unique series of films on the handweaving and natural dyeing in the Karangasem district of Bali. These four films were made by Dr.Urs and Nicole Ramseyer-Gygi, curators of Indonesian Art at the Folk Museum in Basel, Switzerland, and authors of “Art & Culture of Bali” (Oxford Press).

In order of screening, total running time approximately 2-1/2 - 3 hours:

Part I. Cutting and Tying Off Woven Work (1972-73, 42-1/2 mins, color, English commentary).

Part II. Winding Up And Tying Off Work; Red-Dyeing; Removing Work From The Loom (1973, 33-1/2 mins, color, English commentary).

Part III. Forming The Pattern (1973, 27-1/2 mins, color, English commentary)

Part IV. Weaving On The Horizontal Loom With Back-Yoke

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