Four Shorts by Agnes Varda

L'Opera Mouffe
Winner of the International Federation of Film Societies Award, Brussels Experimental Film Festival, it is an astonishing and haunting film of dark and compelling originality: a poem of the fervors of erotic love, the gestures of the aged, the faces of the poor, the symbols of pregnancy and fertility under the guise of an impressionist exploration of a Paris neighborhood. Unpredictable, erotic, terrifying, tender, this is one of the most brilliant and most controversial avant-garde films of the post-war era.

“A film equivalent of a Cartier-Bresson album.”
- Sight And Sound

• (1958, 14 mins, Print from Serious Business)

The Black Panthers: A Report
Focusing on an Oakland rally to free Black Panther leader Huey Newton, Varda documents the aims of the Black Panther Party through interviews, political speeches, scenes in the ghetto and a running commentary explaining the background of Huey's arrest.

• With key figures of the Black Power movement: Stokely Carmichael, Kathleen Cleaver, Bill Brandt, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton. (1968, 26 mins, color, Print from Grove Press)

Uncle Yanco
A portrait of the late artist/raconteur and Sausalito celebrity Jean Varda, by his niece, Agnes Varda.

• (1968, 20 mins, 35mm, English narration, Print from PFA Collection)

Women's Answer
Characterized by Varda as a “cine leaflet,” the film is a series of visually arresting tableaux featuring women and men engaged in dialogue about the issues raised by the women's movement.

• (1976, 8 mins, 35mm, color, English titles, Print from Serious Business)

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