Free Screening

Free Screening in the BAM/PFA Sculpture Garden, 2621 Durant Avenue

Bring a Blanket and Picnic on the Lawn

At BAM/PFA's new and improved storage vault, PFA archivists have combed through the film collection shelf by shelf, from up high to down low, excavating little films that haven't felt the warmth of the projector lamp in years. These unassuming, humble films have been resting quietly in their cans amidst the classics and the commonplace, waiting patiently for an evening to unleash their suppressed flicker and sonic squall upon an unsuspecting new generation of fresh eyes and ears. You'll see sensually expanding micro-crystals, a boy who's lost his marbles, intricate machinery for packaging citrus, woods of wonder, Kodachrome tide pools, and selections teeming with emulsion grain, color, and noise. It's not often that we can bring these startling examples of everlasting ephemera to an unsuspecting audience. Have no fear: each and every film has been tested by a highly trained archivist, and so far they report no adverse side effects. Join us for an evening under the stars, watching rarely screened films that have none.

Films curated by Jon Shibata, assistant film archivist, and Pamela Jean Smith, film and video collection assistant. Organized by Steve Seid.

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