“Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!” croaks the ad-line from this mossy eco-rampager shot in the Florida Everglades. Ray Milland plays Jason Crockett, a thorny old patriarch confined to a wheelchair on his swampy plantation. It's the Fourth of July and his family has gathered 'round to celebrate one more year of disregard for nature's bounty. They are the self-described “ugly rich,” angry about anything that doesn't do their bidding, especially those noisy hoppers sliming about in the tall grass. And they aren't the only ones mad-the frogs are hoppin' mad, and web-footed amphibians don't just get mad, they get breedin'. Other avengers of the Everglades are called to duty-leeches, snakes, spiders, alligators, even snapping turtles come a-slithering and a-slopping out of the swamp. Symbol of a moribund and excessive America, the complacent Crocketts proceed with their oblivious merriment while cold-blooded killers slowly pick off the clan. The score for eco-amok mayhem: 600 actual amphibians triumphant, 11 Crocketts croaked.

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