Fugitive Prayers

Nine experimental films and videos find the spiritual in the material, the abstract in the concrete. With elegance and originality, they offer meditations on the past, warnings for the future, and new visions for the present. How to Pray (Bill Morrison, U.S., 2006, 11 mins): Decaying early footage of an iceberg-laden sea provokes awe and anxiety as we contemplate the shifting forms of our rapidly changing planet. Phantom Canyon (Stacey Steers, U.S., 2006, 10 mins): Incorporating over 4,000 handmade collages, this dreamlike animated film recalls a long-ago journey of a woman, a man, and an assortment of enormous insects. fugitive l(i)ght (Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Canada, 2005, 9 min.): Inspired by the serpentine dances of the 1890s, fugitive l(i)ght draws on early cinema, heightening the abstract shapes, colors, and rhythms that made it so spectacular. Naked (Pawel Wojtasik, U.S., 2005, 10 mins): An unflinching and relentless look at life among the overcrowded and hungry, ostensibly held captive in a laboratory. site specific_SHANGHAI 04 (Olivo Barbieri, Italy, 2005, 13 mins): Described as a silent story, this aerial portrait of Shanghai reveals the city's incredible growth while underscoring the silence of the West to far-reaching events in China. 19: Victoria Texas (Dolissa Medina, U.S., 2006, 4 mins): This short, moving film memorializes an unspeakable tragedy. Market Street (Tomonari Nishikawa, U.S., 2005, 5 mins): One hundred years after A Trip Down Market Street was first filmed, the San Francisco street is again celebrated in this exhilarating, painstakingly crafted single-framed film. The Haunted Camera (Nancy Andrews, U.S., 2006, 30 mins): An homage to film noir and the early photographic experiments of Marey and Muybridge, Haunted Camera features a chalk illustrator who reports on her own death and tries to depict things one cannot draw. Passers-By (Jos de Putter, The Netherlands, 2005, 7 mins): Conversations of travelers who have moved on continue to echo within a series of empty bus shelters in this haunting film shot in the Dutch province of Zeeland.

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