Gabriel Over the White House

Russell Merritt's thirty-minute illustrated talk looks at how, during the isolationist thirties, Hollywood films pumped new meaning into the conflict.

Gabriel Over The White House is one of the real shockers of the Depression, the story of a divinely inspired chief executive who as benevolent dictator simply seizes the power to solve the nation's most serious problems. Released in March 1933, a few weeks after Roosevelt's inauguration, it was produced by William Randolph Hearst to advocate the need for strong direct action. The financial crisis, the country's unemployment, political corruption, juvenile delinquency, and organized crime-all can be easily solved with the right man in charge. Walter Huston plays the president inspired by an angel and admired by Karen Morley and Franchot Tone. The Great War is much on his mind and plays a crucial role in showing him how to bring peace and prosperity back to the country.

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