Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers (In Aromaround!) & Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers
“‘Fight Mouthwash--Eat Garlic' is the call-to-arms of Blank's newest exploration of alternative American lifestyles: The ‘remedy' is the enemy; it can only be combatted by embracing the naturalness of the original cause of stuffy dismay. And why garlic - quite possibly the greatest culinary aid and natural cure-all known to mankind - should have gotten so much bad press in the first place is the curious (and distinctly political) paradox that Blank explores in his latest film. And what a film it is - Blank's best, I think. And it's absolutely obsessed in its obsession with the growing and harvesting of garlic and the preparation, cooking and eating of garlic dishes - everything from whole suckling pigs to garlic soup. The garlic cooking of many cultures - the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Spanish, the French, the Cajuns, the Italians - is explored. As in all of Blank's films, the people interviewed are beautiful, natural and full of zest for life. These garlic-lovers take great pride in their own identity, glorifying it in song and dance and turning it into constant celebration.” -Rob Baker, The Soho Weekly News

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