Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers & Del Corazon (From the Heart)

Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers
In Person! Les Blanks and L. John Harris
A delicious departure from his usual film on American traditional music, it promises to give new life to the genre of food films. Featuring Alice Waters of Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, Robert Charles of La Veielle Maison in Truckee, Calif., Bruce Aidells of Poulet, L. John Harris, the author of “The Book Of Garlic” and founder of the Lovers of the Stinking Rose and many more, the film wades through fields of garlic, through the seasoning of suckling pigs from the inside out, through three Garlic Galas at Chez Panisse, and lingers on the sensuous textures of food in their artistic metamorphosis into pleasurable edibles.

• Music in the film by the Balfa Brothers, the Louisiana Playboys, Anzonini del Puerto, Ruthie Gorton, Irene Hermann, Paul Hostetter and Ricardo Tunzi. (60 mins, first rough cut)

Del Corazon (From the Heart) - tentative title
In Person! Film editor Maureen Gosling and Advisor Guillermo Hernandez
Of more modest scope than Blank's earlier film, Chulas Fronteras, Del Corazon is a lyrical journey through the musings of the heart in the Mexican-American Nortena music tradition. Love songs abound and serve as the lyrical poetry of the people. The film features the dynamic music of Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz of Brown Express, Little Joe and La Familia and more, playing in dance halls and cantinas. Their songs are of passion and death, hurt and humor, and the pleasures and torn dreams of love.

• Edited by Maureen Gosling. With the music of Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz, Little Joe and La Familia. (30 mins, a fairly fine cut)

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