Girls About Town

This lively romp in the cheerfully hard-boiled pre-Code “gold diggers” tradition stars Kay Francis and Joel McCrea, but gets much of its sparkle from wisecracking supporting actors Lilyan Tashman and Eugene Pallette. The story has a certain “whore by any other name” cynicism that anticipates George Cukor's later classic The Women, especially in the scene in which the girls raise some quick cash by auctioning off their ill-gotten gowns, furs, and jewels to their gold-digging friends. Cukor “suggested that the film's title be changed to The Virtuous Sinners. Though definitely pre-Code in its subject matter and attitude, Girls About Town displays a moral ambivalence throughout. No doubt is left as to the purpose of their ‘dates,' but the women prevent their escorts from entering their apartment at the end of the evening” (Ed Carter, UCLA Festival of Preservation).

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