Gods of the Plague (Gotter der Pest)

“Gods of the Plague (Fassbinder's third film) has profited from more exact movie experiences than the films of the other young directors who learned from American movies.... Fassbinder's gangster-film doesn't happen on the level of black limousines, bursts of machine-gun fire, blinking blondes and detective brilliance; it uses more lower-class people and shoplifters; ‘little' girls who do all that for love the great glamour ladies never did; small crooks with the same loneliness, the same lost future and mysterious cult of the moment as their colleagues with bodyguards. Fassbinder's ‘Gods of the Plague' - that pathos doesn't fit them at all - don't imitate; they are quite authentic movie characters, but still movie clichés reduced to smallest denomination....” --Wolfgang Limmer, “Fassbinder” (Goethe House)

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