The James Bond franchise made its great leap forward from spy thriller to big-budget international extravaganza in this, the third film in the series and arguably the most memorable. Being in the employ of Her Majesty's Secret Service suddenly becomes a lot more lavish, from the spectacular gadgetry (Bond's well-equipped Aston Martin; Goldfinger's ray-gun and rotating furniture), to the settings (the revolutionary Caribbean, Miami Beach, London, the Alps), the quips (“Shocking,” Bond mutters after electrocuting a would-be assassin), and the series' best villains: Goldfinger, Pussy Galore, and the bowler-hatted Oddjob. With a tuxedo hidden underneath a wetsuit and a fist ready for either a fight or a martini, Sean Connery punches, romances, and drinks his way to stopping Goldfinger's plan to destroy Fort Knox. It's Connery who's truly “the man with the Midas touch.”

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