Gone with the Wind

Admission: $3.00

Perhaps the best-loved film of all time, an adaptation of Margaret Mitchell's Civil War novel about the loves of tempestuous “Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh). Not a great film in the true sense of the word, but undeniably a great piece of film-making and a monument to the skill of the technicians and actors associated with its production...

“...George Cukor worked on the film for a few weeks (the birth of Melanie's baby and the shooting of the Union deserter are two of the scenes he directed), but was replaced, reputedly at (Clark) Gable's request, by Victor Fleming, who shot the greater part of the film. Toward the end of shooting Fleming collapsed, and both Sam Wood and Sidney Franklin worked on the final scenes. Shooting took 22 weeks starting on January 26, 1939 and ending on July 1. The film was premiered in Atlanta on December 15 and received nine Oscars, including awards for best film, direction, actress, and photography.”

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