Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Free Screening!)

Tsai Ming–liang, director of Vive l'Amour (1994) and What Time Is It There? (2001), returns with the sharpest combination yet of his major themes-rain, missed connections, and the poetry of loneliness-juxtaposed this time against something completely unexpected: a martial arts film. It's a rainy night in Taipei, and the crumbling neighborhood kino–barn is showing King Hu's swordplay classic Dragon Inn. Most of the audience appears to be elsewhere, offscreen dreamers haltingly putting their thoughts of love into very slow motion while the onscreen kinetic frenzies keep blazing on like helpful cues. Visualizing the fantasies of anyone who's ever worked in a movie theater, or just adored being in one, Goodbye, Dragon Inn underscores the essence of why people watch films: to be reminded of what it is to live, and what it means to dream.

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