• Pictured: Underground Scholars program guides Eli Martinez, Michelle Maxwell, and Erin Katherine McCall

    Underground Scholars program students and exhibition tour guides (from left) Erin Katherine McCall, Eli Martinez, and Michelle Maxwell. Photo: Kelly Sullivan.

  • Pictured: a large-scale installation that emulates the look of a working-class pizzeria. A person watches one of the three video screens in the installation, seated on a metal stool.

    Installation view, Mario Ybarra Jr.: “Personal, Small, Medium, Large, Family,” 2021, custom stage facade with videos, photographic wallpaper, framed photographs, 3 aluminum pizza pans, hand-painted canvas signs, wood. Photo: Kelly Sullivan.

Guided Tours: Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration

Tours of Undoing Time are led by students from the Berkeley Underground Scholars program, which supports formerly incarcerated and systems-impacted students. They are Eli Martinez (sociology), Michelle Maxwell (legal studies), and Erin Katherine McCall (legal studies).