From Here to Eternity

You can take your pick of leading men in this classic eve-of-war film, set in a roiling Oahu army barracks in the days before the Pearl Harbor attack: Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster, even Frank Sinatra. While Lancaster could draw most of the votes, thanks to his notorious love scene on the beach with Deborah Kerr it's Clift who truly heats up the Hawaiian landscape as a moody, hot-headed former boxer who now refuses to step in the ring, with predictably unwelcome results. Lancaster is the well-ironed sergeant who has problems of his own, mainly in the form of his supervisor's neglected wife (Kerr). Winner of eight Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Supporting Actor (Sinatra), From Here to Eternity embodies the magnetic appeal of both Lancaster and Clift: one the old-school, muscular professional of the past, and the other the sensitive, introspective antihero of a new generation.

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