His Girl Friday

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“In 1928 Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur wrote ‘The Front Page,' the greatest newspaper comedy of them all; in 1940 Howard Hawks directed this adaptation of the play by Charles Lederer, starring Cary Grant as the domineering editor and Rosalind Russell as the unscrupulous crime reporter with printer's ink in her veins. (The difference between Miss Russell here and in a later vehicle like Auntie Mame is the difference between a comedienne and an institution.) Overlapping dialogue carries the movie along at breakneck speed; word gags take the place of the sight gags of silent comedy, as this vanished race of brittle, cynical, childish people rush around on corrupt errands. And what a pleasure to know that they will not have misunderstood sex problems and that we can laugh at off-color jokes instead of killing sex with kindness and good taste....”

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