Home Sweet Home

The Home Ste. Marguerite is an “ideal” rest home until the arrival of Flore, more alive and alert than the others, who clearly considers the home a hotel. Jules, “a typical man in the street,” overjoyed to meet a woman of Flore's vitality, comes to life. And just as suddenly, so does the Home Ste. Marguerite. Claire, the nurse, has a love affair. Jacques, the social worker, well-liked by the old folks, is sacked by the management. Now the town, which has a stake in the home, takes drastic measures: the chief of police assists the manageress with loving care.
It seems that Jules, the bad egg, will have to go. The other boarders don't like all this, but Jules, left out of the bargaining, has already prepared his escape. However, his spree doesn't last long, and he returns to a home seething with agitation. It all happens in a flash: the mutiny, the fire on the fourth floor, the fire brigade, the panic, and...
Benoit Lamy has directed several documentaries. After his first feature, Home Sweet Home, Lamy made Jambon D'Ardenne, with Annie Girardot, which was shown at Filmex '78.

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