Hour of the Wolf

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Madness and demonism, ever present in Bergman's films, are made the explicit themes of Hour of the Wolf: here they are associated with artistic creativity. The narrative finds Alma (Liv Ullmann) telling of her life with her artist husband, who disappeared, leaving only his diary. “There can be no mistaking the message of the film at least in part as artistic autobiography. Max von Sydow the tormented artist equals Ingmar Bergman the tormented artist. What ambiguities arise in the film do so because of the confusion between allegory and autobiography.... To criticize Bergman, however, is not to condemn him.... Even when Bergman's gaze is fixed on his own navel, his feelings erupt violently and sensually as if from out of a visceral volcano.... If for nothing else, Bergman deserves immortality for expressing his understanding of women through his inspired direction of actresses.”

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